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Top 100 Yu-gi-oh Decks

U N P R E D I C T A B L E, YVD/Post-ban[Advance 2.0 April 1st]

My Real Life Beatdown Deck, advanced (april first format)

Middle Earth, YVD April 1st bans

Limitless Animation, Real machine Deck April 1st bans

Plant Power Till Da End, Yvd Post Ban (pleze R/F)

Restrict-a-morph Ala Luster, RL | A1 Adv | Scientist-Free Morphing

Easter Bunnies, [YVD][Advanced Format (April)][American]

Forbidden Power, (RL) R/F [Advanced]

Fiend Deck, Real-Life Old Format. R/F

Arise From The Ashes And Be Reborned, YVD Neo-Adv. Format

Friends Real Life Deck, Please help

Rl Advanced Format Regionals Deck Help, Warrior/Fiend Hybrid Post Ban

Control, Need Xpert Fixes Plz, [R/L][Advanced][Current]

Bouncing Waves, YVD Neoban, R/F

Dark Scorpion, R/L Advanced format.rate and fix please

Real Life Post-ban, exodia deck

Earth Beatdown Deck, rl april 1 ban needs rf's

Chaos - Entering A Trad. Tourney For $75, Help Plz, [R/L][Traditional]

2 Exodia Decks Please Fix And Rate Them, real life rl post ban

God Creation Ver.58 | Yvd | Adv.2

Rushed Evolution, [Real-Life/Advenced Format]

Kaitsu, YVD, April 1st Bans

Dawn Of The Poes, (RL) R/F [Advanced]

Eternal Madness, [YVD]--[Neo-Ban]--[R/F]

Clown Control Post Ban 2, yvd need help making my side deck

My Deck, I need to change it around a bit

Dryad's Mass Destruction, ENG (Minor JPN), RL, Post-Ban, Rate/Fix

Ultimate Devastation, chaos, anti chaos horus

Post-ban Exodia Deck, needs help

[+] Rise Of The Machines [-], ~YVD - Advanced~

Zombie H/f/d Control, YVD/RL Neo-Adv. Format

~teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles~, RL/Neo-Ban Strike Ninja

The Zoo Keepers Army, RL [Advanced] Ready for April 1st

Awaken From Eternal Slumber, YVD Neo-Advanced Format R/F

Brother's Water Bounce Deck, Real-Life Neo-Adv. Format R/F

Beast Deck, Yvd testin||apr bans||r/f

Archfiends Roar, [YVD]NEW-Bans

Stay Out Of The Water, R/L adv. deck

My Newly Built Burn Deck, RL Advanced

Warriors From Another Plant, A Real Life April 1st Advance Deck

Evolution, YVD Advanced Round II

Misdirection, RL/yvd, post-ban, help fix pls!

Gravekeeper Deck, Real-Life, Advanced Format

Etheral Fire Flow, YVD Advanced Round II

Get Out Of My Grave!, April 1st Ban : Real Life

Re-introducing Atem's Dark Magician Deck., Japanese Real Life Advanced Deck Plan

Get Out Of My Grave!, April 1st Ban : Real Life

Extreme Lotus V 2.0 [yvd], neoban r/f

Gods Vs The Titans, RL PRE-BAN

D A R K-m A G I C, YVD~Neo Ban~R/F

Phoenix Control Ver 1.0, YVD~April 1st

Rl Beast/trample, ENG/April 1st Ban list

Ritual Sacrifice, RL/April 1st bans

Links Deck

Spellcaster, neobann list yvd plz fix

Gearfried The Swordsmaster, neobann list yvd plz fix

Clown Control Revamped, april first ban list yvd soon will b r/l

Normal Monster Swarmage!, April 1st bans, Real-life, etc etc...

Reversed Guillotine: Ftk Reversed, YVD - Adv. Format <- April 1 -> - R/F

Clow_reed's Spellcasters Deck., Real Life- Japanese Deck. Advance Format

Control Deck, Post Ban(April), YVD

{waves Of Power}, [YVD][Advacned Format (April 1st)]

Raging Flame Deck., YVD Advanced. Help me plz!

Ebo Destruction, yvd/advanced[april 1]

~ Volcanic Re-action ~, YVD | Advanced <-> April 1 | R/F

A L I V E A G A I N, YVD-AF-April 1st

Trampling Beasts, YVD,Neo-Ban,Trample Deck

Clown Control

Alliance of the Monarchs

Metamorphosis Deck:

Skill Drain Deck


Power of the Undersea

True Beatdown


exodia / exodia necross

Dark Side

breath of fire

ultimate dark deck

zombie deck 913

improved deck

my tieny wienie rush deck





Lord Zombie

Light Deck

Marik DECK



Vampire Lord Of Zombie\'s


hell raising deck

Ultimate Terror

Injection\'s Effect

death duel

dragons and knights

limitless power